Friday, January 10, 2014

(f)route CAMP in Mallacoota

What's our plan?

(f)route CAMP - is an artist-led ART CAMP - in Mallacoota. 

[A pop-up Weather Station.]

(f)route CAMP will focus on the Art of Camping - relishing meteorological phenomena; clever 'making do'; collaborating; foraging; exploring; mapping; creating and discussing.

Designed to reinstate the Art Camp as an essential part of the Arts curriculum.

(f)route CAMP will imagine & create ephemeral artworks that respond to weather 
(… wind, rain, seas, skies, planets, tides, seasons …).

This (f)route CAMP provides an opportunity for itinerary-brainstorming in collaboration with the Mallacoota community.

Our  RDV (Regional Development Victoria) funding will provide resources to develop the Art Camp concept as a viable enterprise that will employ local artists and fruitists.

This (f)route CAMP will provide time for artists in residence to pursue their own ideas; be guided around the area by locals; and share 'public' meals/conversation on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February. And of course - as Cameron has reminded me - make music.

Outcomes will be photographed, blogged, zined. Then exhibited at (f)routeville on 1 March 2014. And then built on.